Ayvalı village of Urgup in the continuation of the valley of Gomeda, is located on the edge of a stream in the greenery. The old name of Aravan in the river where the stagnation of the place di means that you’ll spend a peaceful day when you come to our village. Cappadocia d The Land of Beautiful Horses doğ, the miraculous nature of the earth, whispers new stories in this valley. Our boutique hotel, which consists of rock rooms shaped with fairy chimneys, has 6 suite rooms, 1 deluxe room, 2 standard rooms.

The color of the sky BLUE Honeymoon Suite, RED suit with kitchen, lilac coolness EFLATUN Deluxe, GREEN Honeymoon Suite with Jacuzzi, YELLOW Honeymoon Suite with fireplace and jacuzzi, ORANGE Honeymoon Suite with jacuzzi, WHITE Honeymoon suite and arched TURKUAZ and LILA Standard room for those who want to open a new page.

Each room has its own terrace. The television, DVD and internet in our rooms provide a connection to today. The morning of the creek in the morning accompanied by the serpentine nightingale on the terrace of the village breakfast is prepared for you to start fit and happy. In winter, you will see the view from our cafeteria.

For centuries, you have the privilege of leaving your own footprints on rocks that have been marred by beautiful civilizations.



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