Cappadocia is one of the most important cities in terms of history and tourism. Many places, from museums, underground cities, rock houses, caves to mosques, churches and inns, await you.
You can go to the Hacı Bektaşi Veli Tomb in Nevşehir. There is also a museum near the tomb, which is an important structure for Alevis and Sunnis. You can go to Nevşehir Museum.

You can spend time in Nevşehirbilirs districts such as Ürgüp, Göreme and Avanos. When you come to Ürgüp, you must first visit the streets of Ürgüp and get lost in the mysterious atmosphere of the region. Then you can go to Temenni Hill and watch all the Ürgüp high. You can go to the Urgup Museum. Hallaç Monastery and St. You can go to the Church of Teodore. You can see houses carved in rock tombs, rocks and stones.

Another magical world is waiting for you when you come to Göreme. You can visit the Göreme Open-Air Museum in the district which is accepted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In the settlement consisting of houses carved into the rocks, you can see many rock churches, chapels and houses from past to present. At the same time, these lands are accepted as the place where the monastery education first started. You can visit the Tokatli Church, which is the largest rock church in the region and consists of four different locations. Elmali Church, Cavusin Church, St. You can visit Basil’s Chapel.

When you come to Avanos, you can visit the pottery shops and the bazaar. You can visit the streets of Avanos. You can visit the Paşabağ Priests Valley on Avanos-Göreme road.

You can go to Derinkuyu Underground City. In this underground city of 8 floors, sections such as confessional section and missionary school are still standing. Visit Kaymakli Underground City in Kaymakli Town.

You can go to Ihlara Valley. Ihlara Valley, which is one of the most beautiful natural formations of the region, has reached its present appearance after centuries of change. There are many churches in the valley, but a few of them are well suited for sightseeing. You can also visit the Belisırma Village in the middle of Ihlara Valley.

You can go to the Zelve Ruins, a combination of three valleys. You can go to Mustafapasa where the old Greek houses have revealed the magnificent masonry. You can see Nevşehir Castle, Ortahisar and Uçhisar Castle. You can visit Kozaklı Hot Springs.

Apart from these, there are many mosques, churches, chapels and monasteries in Nevşehir. You can visit these places. You can visit Nevşehir bazaar and streets. You can visit the Hittite Rock Inscriptions in Acıgöl. Visit our other topics for the Most Recent Cappadocia Travel Guide.


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