• Goreme Panorama
• Derinkuyu Underground City
• Ihlara Valley (4 Km Walk)
• Belisirma Village
• Lunch
• Selime Monastery
• Pigeon Valley
• Onyx Workshops



You will be picked up from your hotel and depart for the first part of the tour, Göreme Panorama. Here you can watch the Goreme valley with its magnificent view and you can also take panoramic photos of the Goreme.

Following the break of the information and photos given by our guide, we are going to our next stop, Derinkuyu Underground City. It is the largest underground city in our region. It has 8 floors and a depth of 55 meters. Kitchen – ventilation chimney – deadbolt rock gates – Church – Water well – Stables – We are seeing one by one with our guide.

Then we move to the Ihlara Valley. It is the deepest and largest canyon of Cappadocia. After going down the 400-step ladder, we visit the Ağaçaltı Church, one of the well-preserved churches in Cappadocia. Then we start walking from the edge of the Melendiz River. We start walking about 4 kilometers until Belisırma Village. During the walk you will have fun in the natural life of Ihlara Valley. You can see different flowers and small animals from each other. 1 hour and 15 minutes after this nature walk in the middle of the Ihlara Valley in the village of Belisırma lunch in a restaurant on the edge of the river.

After dinner, we’re going to Selime Monastery. It is also known as the cathedral and is the oldest cathedral of Cappadocia. Here you can see the kitchen, missionary school, church and small church. However, the frescoes are a bit difficult to see. The top point of the Selime Monastery has a magnificent view.

The last stop of our green tour We get information about the precious and semi-precious stones of the Cappadocia region, which we call Silver workshops.

Then we pass to Pigeon Valley near Uchisar. Here you can see the unique panoramic view of the Pigeon Valley, see hundreds of pigeon houses and nests.

We end our tour here and return to the hotel.


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