• Mustafapaşa
• Monastery of Keşlik
• Soğanlı Valley
• Lunch
• Sahinefendi
• Kaymaklı Underground City

They take you from your hotels with your guide and company vehicles. They take you to Mustafapaşa, famous for its beautiful architecture. Mustafapaşa was the largest Greek city of Cappadocia until the exchange of Greek and Turkish people in 1924. Your guide will tell you about the biggest exchange in the world where approximately 2 million people have left their homes. You can see the Greek mansions and churches as well as the madrasahs and the Faculty of Theology in Mustafapaşa.

We are going to Keşlik Monastery, which is our next stop. Here you can see rare examples of frescoes. This extraordinary wall painting art is from the Byzantine Empire period. Your next stop is Shahine.

We are visiting the Sobesos Excavation site. The archaeologists have been very important since they started excavating here (in the last 10 years) and the excavations still continue. In this archaeological site you can see Roman baths, graves, basilica and mosaic stones.

We continue to Şahanlıfendi’den Soganli Valley. Soğanlı is the third largest monk center in the region, and a beautiful valley walk with many cave churches awaits you. We get a nice lunch at a local restaurant before we start our walk. You can also see the famous Bulldog dolls made by the peasant women here. In the afternoon, our walk to Soğanlı Valley starts and our tour ends when our walk ends.


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