The hotel, which has a 250-year-old Greek mansion, has 19 rooms in a nostalgic style, all of which are composed of different Ottoman-Greek architecture. Rooms with high ceilings. The chandeliers used in the chandeliers and the lighting in the rooms appeal to your eyes and soul. The furniture and carpets used in the decoration and even the mosquito nets in some rooms fit the concept very well.

There is also an outdoor restaurant and a terrace where you can enjoy sunrise / sunset views. For gourmet guests, let’s add a brief information; Rose Mansions Perhaps the only hotel in the Cappadocia region, where all the dishes are prepared in the traditional tandoor. Rose Mansions, which serves with home cuisine rather than cuisine, offers you the chance to taste the famous “Testi Kebabı” in the most special form. Lamb test kebab, cooked in heavy fire for 6-7 hours, is served with traditional bulgur pilaf. Delicious!

In the meantime, you can take advantage of the hotel’s hammam as a fee. They can also help you with activities such as balloon tours, jeep safaris and atv tours in Cappadocia.


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